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Iggly Wig Productions seeks to touch the mind, heart and soul of the child, through engaging, values based resources that awaken the senses, making learning meaningful, fun and memorable for all. The resources allow for all varied learning styles and ability levels and can be used within a multi-aged setting.

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​We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

The digital stories allow for flexibility for the teacher and learner and can be viewed on either a small device, computer, or interactive white board.

The activity resource book is filled with activity ideas to ensure that children are given multiple opportunities of learning the specific skills associated with phonemic awareness and phonics. Children can hear, see and say the sounds, whilst taking pleasure in the adventures of Iggly Wig.

This delightful character and his friends are endearing to all ages and create a meaningful context in which to learn the elements of reading. Each story focuses on a specific phoneme and sight words, allowing for multi-dimensional learning to take place. The illustrations feature multi-cultural friends and is embracing and relatable for all participants.

Our Vision


Iggly Wig is designed to be used as a helpful resource that can compliment any other phonics program you may be using. You can tailor the lessons to the needs of your student/s, allowing them to learn in a way that let’s them flourish.

Iggly Wig resources promote the love of nature and many of the activities can be done outdoors and don’t require the child to always be sitting at a desk. You will be amazed at how much true, meaningful learning takes place, when physical activity is combined with literacy.

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Our Director


Catherine Francis, the writer of Iggly Wig resources has over 20 years of teaching experience, and has drawn upon her many years of experience in early childhood education to provide resources that truly are easy to follow and will make the teaching and learning of reading a joy for all.

What makes it most enjoyable, are the delightful, lively illustrations created by the very talented Deanna Bresneshan. Her artwork captures young children’s attention and imagination and allows for little ones to be drawn into Iggly Wig’s adventures.

If you would like to book in for a consultation or training for your staff, then please click on the Workshops icon and contact us. We would love to assist you as best we can and trouble shoot any questions you may have about using the resources. Consulting is also available over the phone or via conference calling.



What Teachers Parents are Saying

I found this resource a fun, exciting and enjoyable literacy program to use in my classroom.  The values based focus was a highlight for me, and I can see the children in my class really learning valuable life lessons.”

Katrina Vagg – Coolum Beach

“The values teaching and attention to the variety of learning styles present in each classroom makes your program an excellent resource.  I am excited about bringing this program to my Prep class this semester.  My sister-in law works with preps in the state system.  I’ll certainly be recommending she has a look at your website.” 

Jan Van Wijk -Gladstone

” My children love the Iggly Wig stories – so bright, eye-catching and fun!

Iggly Wig is a wonderful resource that enhances our Letterland Program and teaches  important values which are essential for all children to learn.”

Narelle Wales – Nambour

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