Iggly Wig Values Based Alphabet MP3 (26 songs)

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Iggly Wig Values Based Alphabet Songs

The children will have a great time with the Iggly Wig alphabet songs! Through singing, movement and dance the children will be able to learn the alphabet letter names and sounds in a fun, relaxed and creative way. Each song focuses on the letter and key value found in the story. Eg. Be the best that you can be, B says “b”.

Iggly Wig Values Based Alphabet MP3 (Download 26 Songs)

Children will enjoy singing along to the lively tunes that capture the central themes of each of the Iggly Wig Stories.

The files consists of 26 songs, giving children the opportunity to sing and engage in movement and drama related to the focus letter.

Download with 26 alphabet song: 54 MB

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